A list of people you should inform when moving home

A list of people you should inform when moving home

Moving house is an exciting time but it is also a major administrative headache.

Your home or rather previous home would have been in your name, and you were responsible for paying Council Tax, utilities (water and gas), TV License, broadband, sky TV and many other services that would have been in your name. Oh, and if you drove a car you are also going to have to tell the DVLA.

Furthermore, friends, family, your bank and your employers would all have the previous address as your place of fixed abode, and changes to this will not only affect you but them as well indirectly.

To make sure you avoid the most common mistakes you will need to notify everyone on your list and furnish them with details of your new address. This will include friends, family members and other relatives, employers and colleagues.

Next on your list of people to inform will be the council, the DVLA, utilities service providers. If the move is a result of a house sale, your conveyancing solicitor will take care of all the paperwork relating to the Deeds of the property.

If you are moving from rented accommodation you will still need to contact the utilities providers and give gas an water meter readings. As someone else will be renting the property, this information must be provided to the council to enable them to effect a name change for bills and other payments. You can do this online, via email, a fax or by writing letters to the relevant authorities.

This checklist can assist you to establish that all persons and service providers concerned are notified of your move:

1. Your water company 2. Your gas company 3. Your electricity company 4. Your telephone company 5. The broadband provider 6. The council in the area you lived in 7. Your satellite cable company 8. The utilities company or service providers 9. Your creditors

Informing the relevant people and service providers will make your move smooth and the transition even smoother to the new owners or tenants. It also helps you to ensure that you are not charged of any rates or rather that you do not incur bills in your absence which bills will continue to accumulate and may spoil your credit rating.

Moving house can be a blessing when handled correctly and can be one’s worst nightmare if one neglects obvious and necessary things like informing those around him or her of the move to a new house.

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