Is your house not selling? Here is what you could do

Is your house not selling? Here is what you could do

It can be stressful deciding to sell your home and even more so when your house will not sell.

It could be that the effects of the global recession have become personal and you need to sell a house fast due to financial difficulties or maybe you would like to sell in order to move to something smaller and more manageable now that your children have finally left home. Make sure you are with the right estate agent – read more here.

No matter what the reasons are for selling, there are things you can do to help move things along if your house will not sell. Have a look at 10 reasons your house isn’t selling.

Rent your home:

It could be that you are in a position where you need to relocate urgently whether for personal reasons or for job-related matters. If you are struggling to sell your home in these circumstances, it could be worthwhile considering the option of renting your house and finding some tenants until the right buyers emerge. An additional source of income that could potentially cover the cost of renting a new home is now available placing you under less financial strain.

Price your home at the right price:

If your house is not selling it could be that you are asking too much for the property. Even though you may have purchased your home for a lot more, the market today has meant that real estate is worth a lot less than it was a number of years ago. Speak to a real estate agent about getting your home appropriately valued to ensure that you are asking the right amount for it. This could assist you in finding buyers more quickly.

Have your home professionally cleaned. There is nothing more off-putting than see dirty windows are paintwork when looking at properties to buy. It is estimated that a buyer will pay 12% less for a dirty home! Click here for residential cleaning.

Renovate: give your home a new lease of life

Thinking like a buyer when making home improvements could assist you in attracting the right buyers.

  • Ensure that all light fixtures in your home are clean and working – get them checked by a qualified electrician
  • Fix cracks and damp in walls
  • Replace your windows with the latest double or triple glazed options. Rooflights and skylights make a great feature in living spaces.
  • Give the house a fresh coat of paint on the inside and outside – have a look at other home improvement options
  • Update your furnishings for a modern look. Click here for some design inspiration.
  • Keep your garden neat and tidy and consider getting a landscape architect in to give it a fresh new look

If your home looks well maintained and taken care of buyers are more likely to be interested as it means that they will have less work to do once they move in.

If your house is not selling there is no need to panic. There are ways to improve the chances that your home will be sold shortly and at the right price. If you are able to, it is always better to hold tight and wait for better economic times in which to sell your home. If you are not in a position to do this, talk to your estate agent for more advice on what to do.

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