Top 20 tips to sell your house

Sell your house fast

1. Consult price comparison websites

You need to consider what best works for you? Finding the best estate agent is key in selling your house

2. Consider the market

You need to key an eye out on the market, falling and rising prices. Autumn is the perfect time to sell you property. 89% of people asked agree. You may be buying off plan through a property developer or even thinking of building your own new home, either way you’ll need to keep a keen eye on prices.

3. Good asking price

Your asking price shouldn’t be too high or low. Don’t let your personal feelings influence you – it may not be worth as much as you think. Get your house estimated.

4. Choose best buyer

How many rooms do you have – are you looking to sell to singletons, first time buyers, or families. Pick one and focus on that.

5. Don’t view with Pets

Viewers may be allergic to your beloved animal, and the smell doesn’t make a good first impression.

6. De-clutter your house

Just tidy and de-clutter. Remove the nick-naks it takes away from the house your selling.

7. Neutral paint

It may not be your personal preference but avoid dark coloured paints as it will make the room look smaller and drab.

8. Good lightning

Choose the right light-bulbs, open the windows as it makes a room look bigger and more livable.

9. Great garden

Keep tabs on your garden – it is one of the best selling points in the house. De-weed, trim the hedges, mow the lawn and you will sell.

10. Increase ‘kerb appeal’

Make a good first impression if the outside of your house is a dump it creates a precedence for the inside.

11. Fresh flowers

Just a little touch – makes the room smell nice, cheers up your house. Everyone loves flowers it just makes your house a little bit brighter.

12. Check out the competition

Who are you competing with? If necessary go to open house viewings – you need to get one-up on that ‘other house’

13. Locate house deeds

Make sure house deeds are all in order, disorganisation is disastrous. Don’t keep potential buyers waiting it looks unprofessional.

Are you spending too much?

14. Fees

Keep tabs on your fees. How much are you spending – and are you spending too much? Don’t bankrupt yourself and cut any unnecessary costs.  The best real estate agents will be able to use your fees in the best way to sell your house fast.

15. Make updates

Modernise your house, replace a drab bit of 1960’s furniture. Modern houses are popular houses. 68% buyers asked prefer a new build, so you got to keep up with the time.

16. Bedroom elegance

Small things like changing the sheets, buying cushions and changing your bedroom curtains make all the difference. It freshens up your bedroom and shows that you look after your house.

17. Professionally photographs

Even the smallest of properties look spacious with help from the professionals. A shiny photo will attract more potential buyers.

18. Good temperature

Keep room temperature low, there is nothing worse than a stuffy house. Don’t create an unconformable environment.

19. Removing bulky furniture

If you want to make your property look bigger remove the massive sofa. It’s not doing you any favours – let your house be a blank canvas.

20. Mirrors

The more mirrors the better. It give an illusions of light and space, and it’s super cheap.


Many thanks to the following websites for their help and advice