Maybe you should change your estate agent if your property isn’t selling

Maybe you should change your estate agent if your property isn’t selling

Given your need for a quick house sale, you engaged the services of a supposedly reputable estate agent, well known in your local area.

However, after six months, no one has offered to buy your house. What do you do?

Could your estate agent be the problem?

This is one of the questions you will ask yourself. In a recession where everything moves so slowly, it may even be harder to fathom your home remaining on the market for another six more months. What then would you do?

The first port of call will be arranging a meeting with your agent. There are some basic questions that they will have to provide robust answers to in order to avoid being sacked.

You can ask your agent whom he or she has sent your brochure to? At this point you will be trying to find out the kind of buyers the agency has been targeting and see if this can be widened and improved upon.

Also ask how many buyers have been sent emails about the property, and whether the agent has followed up those enquiries and secured viewings?

You can even ask to see the remaining brochures. Agents have a tendency not to print out more brochures when they run out and this could be one of the reasons that the house is still on the market. If there are not any left, ask that they reprint and send out more. You have the right to request this as you will be paying for the services at the end of the sale.

Where the estate agent has been bringing viewers to view your home and they never came back, you can follow up on this through your agent, to find out what the viewers- rather your potential buyers bought.

It is the duty of your estate agent to also keep a tab on what your viewers ended up deciding on. Although this may not seem helpful, it will assist you in giving you an idea of what buyers are looking for and you can go back to the drawing board if you need to sell your home quickly.

If all else fails!

When all else has failed with your estate agent, you can consider multi-agency agreements. Especially where one had a sole agent agreement, upon expiration of the notice, one can switch to a multi-agency agreement. This is when one instructs more than one agency to sell his or her home. The advantage of multi-agency agreements is that you will not be called upon to pay all the estate agents who assist you to sell your home, you will only pay commission fees to the estate agent who introduced you to the buyer of your home.