Have you had a bad solicitors service? Check out the process of complaining

Have you had a bad solicitors service? Check out the process of complaining

If you are not satisfied with the service provide by your conveyancing solicitor (during your house sale or purchase) there are avenues you can pursue in order to make a formal complaint.

All issues pertaining to the legal transfer of title (for residential property) by a conveyancing solicitor of licensed conveyancer can be reported to the appropriate regulatory body. Did your surveyor live up to trading standards? More information here.

Your First Port Of Call (Your Solicitor)

1. You can complain directly to the solicitor or the conveyancer

Any solicitor or conveyancer must have a complaints procedure to be followed in the event of misconduct.

Details of how to initiate the complaints procedure can be found on their website or by speaking to the office administrator.

You can also contact the legal ombudsman who will ensure that your complaint is dealt with in a proper manner and will also give you advice on how to lodge your complaint.

If you are still not satisfied with how the solicitor or conveyancer deals with you matter, you can complain to the legal ombudsman as explained above, or to the council of licensed conveyancers. The other alternatives are going to the alternative dispute resolution or going to court.

Bring Legal Action

Failing that you can always try to bring legal action against your conveyancer with the help of a “Solicitor’s Negligence” specialist.

2. You can complain to the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC)

If you are dealing with a licensed conveyancer you can lodge your complaint with CLC, if the complaint to the conveyancer did not yield any dividends regarding your case.

The CLC deals with issues of professional misconduct of the conveyancer. If it is a matter of negligence, the CLC will refer the matter to the conveyancer?s insurers before they can deal with the matter. The CLC can make the licensed conveyancer pay you compensation of up to £5000, repay you the fees you paid or put an error made right.

The CLC can also withdraw the conveyancer’s licence or suspend them.

Their Regulatory Body

3. You can complain to the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA)

If one was dealing with a solicitor, one can complain to the SRA- only in instances where your matter has not been resolved by the solicitor or the legal ombudsman.

The SRA investigates and deals with matters of professional misconduct like lying to clients, taking unfair advantage of clients, holding onto clients money, breaking an undertaking given to you, discrimination on grounds of race, religion, age or disability by the solicitor, amongst others. The SRA has powers to prosecute a solicitor, and can take steps against a specific solicitor or the whole firm and the solicitor can be struck off from the roll of solicitors. The SRA does not however make the solicitor pay you compensation. For compensation you can try another method of complaint and a different avenue altogether.

In conclusion, you have a right to complain and you can enforce this right against your solicitor or conveyancer.