Is your house difficult to sell? Here are 10 common problems

Is your house difficult to sell? Here are 10 common problems

The time has come for you to sell your home, and you are envisioning a stress free and relatively fast sale. However, there are several common problems that can get in the way of this, and make it difficult to secure an offer. Click here for information for tenants.

Problem 1 – Repairs and Maintenance:

Before letting your estate agent put your house on the market it is vital that you handle all basic repair and maintenance issues that could turn buyers off and delay your sale.

These issues run the gamut from messy and overgrown gardens, to doors that do not fit properly into their door-frames, and stained sinks. Taking care of all basic repairs, and sprucing up the home with some fresh paint, is a good first step towards impressing buyers.

Remember that your front garden is the first thing a prospective house buyer gets to see of your property, so you may also want to focus on improving it kerb appeal (your homes appearance from the outside).

If you have garden waste and/or house junk to get rid of, why not hire a specialist waste removal company to collect it for you?

Any Waste Berkshire provide a 24-48 hour domestic clearance service for the whole county including Windsor, Maidenhead, Ascot, Slough and Reading. Click here for details.

Problem 2 – Uncontrollable Factors:

If a home has a dubious history, is built on a flood plain, or is in the vicinity of problem plants such as Japanese Knotweed, these dilemmas can make it hard to sell your house quickly.

There is little you can do about the flood-plain issue (except to make best endeavors to flood proof your home) however, problem plants can be removed by specialists and they should be contacted as soon as possible.

Problem 3 – Damp:

Clearly visible water stains and damp marks, on the inside and outside of your home, as well as musty smelling rooms, are a clear indication to buyers that the house has not been properly maintained. This will be recorded in the surveyor’s report. It is important that you take care of the problem causing the damp properly, and not attempt to simply cover it up with paint and air freshener, as buyers are often very through in their inspection of a selling property. If you have any queries, get in touch with Trading Solutions.

Problem 4 – Odors:

Smell is our most dominant sense. Thus it is important, when showing your house that you eradicate all unpleasant smells from your home. Smells such as cigarette smoke, mildew and pet odors, are a huge turn off to buyers. Do not simply try to mask smells with air freshener, as potential buyers may find this suspicious. Is your house not selling? Read more tips.

Problem 5 – Divergent Decorative Tastes:

When trying to sell a home it is not advisable to make drastic and irreversible renovations, as this not only causes you to have to raise your selling price, but these changes may also send prospective buyers running. Everyone has different tastes; so when getting your place ready for sale focus on basic improvements and keep paint colors neutral. There are small changes that you can make to enhance a room, that won’t set you back a fortune e.g. add lamps to bring warm light to gloomy rooms, replace dowdy curtains with tasteful white sheers, etc…click here for interior design ideas.

Problem 6 – The Area:

Try to get on good terms with your neighbors, as property buyers may talk to them to get a feel for the area. Noisy / Anti-social neighbors are a big turn off to prospective buyers, so it will be helpful if you can get the neighbors on your side. Other problems include the area having poor network reception, or no access to amenities such as schools and shops. If this is the case find area selling points to balance these negatives out.

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