Finding the best estate agent is a great idea!

Finding the best estate agent is a great idea!

When it comes to selling your home, the success of your sale is hugely dependent on your estate agent.

Your choice of an estate agent will determine largely what price you sell for and whether the sale will conclude in a timely manner.

Choosing your estate agent therefore requires careful consideration. It is never a good idea to choose an estate agent purely on price. Experience is what you’re looking for as a shoddy agent can cause more stress than you can believe.

So how then should one choose an estate agent? One must choose the best and most experienced when it comes to selling your type of property – be it a flat, a house with a big garden, an old house or a house in a rural setting. This is the primary consideration when short-listing agents. Find out about property valuations.

How To Research Your Local Agents

Take some time to research the agents in your area. Who seem to have the most “for sale” boards up? They are most likely the best agent but are they selling your type of property?

You must not pick any agent who charges the lowest commission or the one who offers the highest valuation of your property.

Be wary of any agent that caves in when you start to negotiate on their fee. Is this how they are going to negotiate with buyer on your behalf over the sale price of your house!?

Also, an agent that tells you your house is worth more than it actually is does your sale a major disservice. Instead of selling for more, your house may stay on the market for a long time without attracting any interest whatsoever. This too may be a sign of lack of experience on the estate agent?s side.

Spend time rather monitoring agents in your area to see which ones are selling property quickly. The local newspapers, Rightmove Property Portal, Zoopla and driving around in your neighborhood and talking to friends and family can help you get a feel for which the best agent are.

As you do your research, it is important to find which estate agents sell property similar to yours. Once you have located them, the next step is to call them pretending to be a potential buyer. This mystery shopping exercise will give you a feel for how they will “sell” your house. Which estate agent pushes hardest to get you through the door of a property for a viewing? That’s the kind of agent you want on your side.

As you visit the different estate agents in their offices, have a check-list handy and make sure that most of the questions you have are answered satisfactorily.

Your check list should include such questions like what other similar properties to yours they have sold and at what price, how long it took to sell the property and how many viewings did they have on the property, how many buyers do they have on their books that are looking for properties similar to yours.

Professional Bodies Governing Estate Agents

You should also find out if they are a member of a professional body such as the Property Ombudsman or The NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents). Have they have signed a code of conduct and are bound by such code? This is important information that will help you to choose the best estate agent to sell your property quickly and without fuss.