Prospective Homebuyer? Imagine selling your property fast

One of the ways to sell your home quickly is through anticipating what the buyer would want from a house.

In short, a seller must view his or her house from the viewpoint of the buyer. You need to view the house with a dispassionate eye and take your personal emotions out of the equation.

Having done this, it is important for you to follow up and present your home so that it is attractive to as many buyers as possible. This will increase the chances of securing a buyer quickly.

1. Don’t be a stalker:

Sound dramatic but it really does not help to follow buyers everywhere, from the kitchen, lounge to the bedrooms, trying to convince them to buy or showing them the strengths of your home. This is stalking the buyer and may turn the buyer away and may result in him or her never coming back again to your home. You may think that you are being helpful but putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes may solve the problem. It is best to give the buyer space and time to assess your home on his or her own and come to a decision without influence from you. If the buyer likes what he or she sees, an offer will be made. Here’s some more opinions on how best to conduct a viewing.

2. Buyers are not attracted to dirty and shabby looking homes:

When you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes you will automatically deal with dirt walls and shabby appearance of your home speedily. Shabby houses or smelly homes are a big turn off for prospective buyers. Therefore dirty walls, greasy kitchen tops and stoves or ovens need to be cleaned until they sparkle. Any buyer will be easily won over by a clean and neat home. What is not needed must be packed up, and all the clutter removed. Only what is needed for immediate use should be left in the open.

3. An overpriced home will not sell:

No buyer will go for an over-priced home, whether rich or well-off. When you put yourself in your buyer’s shoes, you will bring the price of your home down and make sure that it is reasonable. An overpriced home will not sell especially in a recession. You may love your home and hold dear sentiments over it, but your buyer may not share the same sentiments. Let your expectations be reasonable and not over the top. The best thing you can do is not listing your house at the price you expect it to sell. Do not tempt the market with your high price or else you will be greatly disappointed. If not sure, get advice and valuations on your house to get an idea of how much it is worth.

4. When buyers feel misled, they will not buy:

Make sure that the photos you have posted about your home are a true reflection of how your home looks like. If you were a buyer, you will not want to see beautiful pictures of your dream home only to be greatly disappointed during viewing. It is good to be honest and upfront about the state of your home. Your buyers will appreciate this.

If you are short on time and need a quick house sale, typically estate agents aren’t going to be able to help. If that’s the case, call us today and get the ball rolling. Many agencies can buy your house for cash and complete in a very short timeframe (usually a matter of days).